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Terra Master

Terra Master

TerraMaster is a storage brand which focus on private cloud storage products, including the high-efficiency, safe, stable, multi-functional cloud storage the NAS network storage. With the core competitiveness of excellent software developing ability, TerraMaster aims at providing the market with more excellent, reliable and most valuable products.

TOS, which stands for TerraMaster Operating System, has been designed specifically by TerraMaster for Tcloud private cloud storage devices’ operating system. TOS provides an intelligent, user-friendly interface. Built-in the TOS is a variety of applications for both the home and office, which can be used to help users achieve storage management in a convenient way. Furthermore, it offers security, back-up, multimedia entertainment and sharing, cloud access and download functions.

Data security is particularly important for individuals, but even more so for enterprises. The TOS system provides a variety of backup options, and it also disperses the back-up data to different locations and has equipment and technology in place to facilitate the dispersion of risk, which in turn makes the data more secure.


Domain: T-NAS Server
Skills: C#, .Net 3.0

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