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Office Automation

Office Automation

Office Automation system is a marketing based system which is developed to fill gap in marketing Task management.This system mainly used hierarchy wise define Task. This system contains Inbox Synchronization of user’s Email Address and they can work with their mailbox.

Office Automation is the process of managing a task through its life cycle. It involves planning, testing, tracking and reporting. Task management can help either individuals achieve goals, or groups of individuals collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals.Tasks are also differentiated by complexity , from low to high.

Task management may form part of project management and process management and can serve as the foundation for efficient workflow in an organisation. Project managers adhering to task-oriented management have a detailed and up-to-date project schedule, and are usually good at directing team members and moving the project forward.


Domain: Work Management System
Skills: ASP.NET 3.5 with VB.Net, SQL Server 2008, AJAX

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